The article really left me
wondering about how we should teach our students about technology in the
future. Web 2.0 as stated in the article is the use of the web in a multiple
form where he says that it is consumed and created, a "dramatic change in our relationship
to information." Many students are only using the web in a 1.0 form, most
people do. Not until this class did I start using the web as a 2.0 tool. I
think this article opened my eyes that the web can be used for so many things.
So then when do we start teaching our students these tools? I started learning
my third year in college, but now kids are born with laptops by their side! So
now as teachers when do we start teaching these students about learning the web
as a different way, what approach do we take? Is there a right and wrong way to
teach this information? I think it is great to learn to use the web two ways
but is it to much? If we add too much of our information will it be right or
not? Students can tell what they think about certain topics, such as politics
and what they think of the society but then they could add stuff on the
internet that is not true. So just like drugs and alcohol and how we tell
students it is bad to do these things should we tell them about the bad thing
about the internet? It is so hard to determine these answers about the internet
and what is allowed with our students. I do believe that the society needs to
come on a agreement on the issue for the use of technology but only time will
tell us what the outcome will be.
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