This article pretty much summed up everything I feel about learning. That it needs to be reformed, reformatted, and realigned with what is really important to know. It's like the phrase, "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime." Why are we handing our students information instead of teaching them how to find it for themselves?
The whole time I was reading I kept thinking, "this is so true, but there still needs to be set information that they all learn, like math facts." Do we really need to do that, though? Computers, cell-phones, everything can compute. Yes basic facts, but long division? We don't do long division unless we're on a deserted island with no access to a calculator for months. I know I personally will put something aside until I can get something to do it for me than go through the steps of long division, or dividing fractions.
The main problem here is the institution of education is manned by teachers who have been around forever, taught for years and, through experience, are experts. What about asking the learners themselves? Or us new teachers who were just recently learners? Ask us how we learn best. Or is the idea of completely reworking the system too daunting of a task for any real changes to be made? 
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