This semester I have learned a lot about technology and how
it can be useful in the classroom. I think that my new knowledge of technology
will enhance my teaching.  Our
discussions, readings, blogs and labs allowed me to better understand how
people learn, how teachers are most effective and how I can use technology to
be a better teacher and help my students reach their full potential.

Our discussions involving PowerPoint, one of the most used
technological tools in education helped me to reflect on my own experiences as
a learner. I began to think about what was effective and ineffective in
teaching using PowerPoint.

Additionally, while reading Presentation Zen I was able to
reference my classmate's blogs in order to learn more about how the style and structure
of a presentation can affect what people learn or how it is taught. For
example, I referenced Jamie's blog about the seven principals of design. The part that stated, "I think as teachers we are always tempted to put all of
the information they should know on a slide, however, with students I do not
think this is effective. Less is more. The power point hopefully will not be
the only source they are receiving this information from, so there is no need
to add paragraphs of information," really stuck out to me as an important point
that the book made. It is important that we consider our audience, students,
and how they learn when presenting.

I also really liked the reading on the RAT framework.  At first, the reading was slightly confusing,
but after reading blogs like Jes' the RAT framework was much more clear. This helped me in our class discussion
about the framework. The discussion we had in class - what do SMART boards
really do, replace,  amplify or transform
- was a conversational that really made me think about the true effects of  technology on learning.

Throughout the semester I have learned a lot about how to
use different technologies, from SMART boards to iWeb to Penn State's own pass
space. Not only have I learned how to use these in my everyday life to assist
with my own education, but I have learned how I can use programs like this to
enhance my ability as a teacher. I have learned how these programs can be used
in a school setting. For almost every technology, the biggest influence in
learning is how the teacher implements it and uses the technology in their
classroom. Teachers should use technology to transform learning rather than
just to replace the work that they would be doing. I feel that this is one of
the key points that I learned from this class and will carry on with me. As a
future teacher when I go to implement technology in my classroom I will closely
consider how it will help my students reach their full potential as a learner.
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