So the big question is whether or not computers should be
used in the classroom.  I believe that it
depends on the teacher and whether or not they know how to fully utilize the
computer to best benefit the student.  It
also depends on what the computers would be used for and how well the teacher
knows how to incorporate it into their lesson. 
The article talks a little about private schools being "computer rich"
and very high up in technology.  I went to two schools, both private schools, before coming to Penn State; one
that knew how to utilize a computer properly in the classroom and one that did

In elementary school there was at
least one computer in every classroom in addition to the teacher's personal
computer.  I went to the same school from
Kindergarten through eighth grade and all of those nine years I had a computer
class once a week for an hour.  The
technology teacher would teach us new things every week and we would then
complete projects using what we had learned. 
In addition to those weekly lessons our regular teacher would bring us
to the computer lab frequently to work on assignments for their class in
addition to incorporating the computer into classroom instruction.  My elementary/middle school was pretty tech
savvy for their time about six to ten years ago.  There were lots of computers, Smart boards,
and digital cameras.  I felt comfortable
that my teachers knew enough about the technology they were using to teach us.  They used the computers enough in the
classroom for us to become familiar with them, but didn't over use them.  I agree with the article on page 89 when they
talk about the teacher-student bond.  I
don't think that computers should replace teachers, because there is a definitely
a relational bond formed that can be very encouraging to the student.

In high school I had to buy all of
my books.  There was talk one year that
they were going to require everyone to buy a lap top in which we would purchase
a computer version of the textbooks. 
Thankfully this never happened. 
My high school had maybe 20 computers in the library and old crappy ones
in all of the classrooms.  I was probably
only in the computer lab about five times a year.  My high school was a lot less tech savvy than
my elementary school was and the idea that they wanted me to buy a lap top was
just not going to work if they couldn't even use a computer themselves.  I felt that the teachers and
administration hardly knew all that the computer could do or even how to fully
utilize all of its basic functions.  I
would not have felt comfortable with most of my high school teachers trying to
add the computer into the classroom.              In the article they talk about the
computer finally achieving the engineer's dreams of being an individual
instruction.  It is true that with
computers you can drill the students at their own pace while calculating their
achievements.  During my elementary years
I remember doing a lot of drilling, but that was in addition to learning Excel,
Power Point, etc.  Our technology teacher
would incorporate math lessons using colored M&M's and the Excel program.  She achieved two things at once, a math
lesson and a lesson on Excel.  My
elementary/middle school teachers knew how to incorporate the computer into a
lesson in the proper way, unlike my high school teachers.  Computers should be used in the classroom
when the teacher feels comfortable utilizing its functions and when they know
how to correctly incorporate it into the lessons, but they should not replace
the teacher.
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